Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wastewater Treatment Site becomes Nature Park, Wildlife Habitat, and Opportunity to talk about the Edwards Aquifer

TMDA recently researched, designed, produced, and installed a series of interpretive panels at the Cooks Slough Nature Park and Wetland in Uvalde, Texas. The signs adorn a large pavilion that overlooks the city’s natural wastewater treatment ponds, now home (or in-transit lodging) to multitudes of birds and other wildlife. The site is fast becoming a haven for watchers of birders, butterflies, and dragonflies. 

Tactile learning:

To enhance the interpretation and to provide a tactile learning alternative for non-readers, we sculpted the borders of the signs with the plants, animals, and insects being discussed in the text and images. Other sign topics include an introduction to the Edwards Aquifer and explanation of how it works, a diagram of the natural wastewater system, and tips for managing our water usage. The focus on water management and the aquifer reflect interests of the sponsor for this exhibit: the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

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