Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's Inside? An Interactive Exhibit that checks you out.

In response to national obesity and health concerns for today's youth, TMDA is developing an exciting new interactive exhibit, called "What's Inside?" that measures muscle mass, fat mass, blood mass, bone mass and organ mass.

The Scenario reads like this:

The child removes shoes, stands on the scale and presses the "calculate" button. Height, weight and body mass are calculated. Lights pulse, gurgling, whooshing and synthesized "computing" sounds play, the tubes fill with proportional volumes of liquid representing the five main body components.

Educational Objectives:

This teaches, in a very tangible manner, the concept of body composition. It also points out, in a very entertaining, non-threatening way, where there is work to be done. (Read that "a regime of diet and exercise"). The analysis is completed by an on-screen display which says "perfect", or " drop and give me 50" or "a few less candy bars per hour" or "eat fruit instead of pie". If you would like to obtain this exhibit for your museum, please contact Patrick McMillan at:

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